Storm Damage? Our Restoration Services Will Get You Back On Track

A fallen tree from a storm severely damaged the second-story patio of a green house.

Here in Kentucky, we see a lot of storms and severe weather each year, ranging from ice storms to tornadoes. This can be stressful for you as a homeowner, and while you do what you can to prepare for these events, damage can still happen.

In the unfortunate event, your family home suffers damage from a storm, be sure you use a contractor you trust to ensure your restoration services are done right. No matter the size of the job at hand, Mulberry Builders understands how important it is to you and your family to get your safe space—your home—back to normal.

While there’s a lot to consider when you’re faced with storm damage, your insurance may have you covered. Be sure to work with a contractor with plenty of experience working with multiple insurance carriers; their guidance can alleviate some of your stress. After all, they’ve navigated the paperwork and approvals before!

That’s a big part of what we do at Mulberry Builders. As your contractor, we can help guide you through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring a seamless, timely, and stress-free restoration for your home. Our team will document everything your insurance carrier will need to pay your claim. In the event of structural damage, we can even obtain any necessary permits required to get your home as good as new.

Storm damage: What to expect in severe weather

The weather in Kentucky can cause a wide variety of damage to your home. Severe storms can cause all sorts of problems for your home, and in some extreme cases, structural damage can even occur. Be sure your home is in good hands, and use a contractor that routinely provides top-quality restoration services.
  • Wind Damage- Strong winds are a regular occurrence with our storms in Kentucky; in some cases, we even experience tornadoes. While these winds can cause all kinds of destruction to your home, the most common damage is to your roof and siding. Missing and damaged shingles in your roof are something you need to get addressed quickly. At Mulberry Builders, we offer emergency roofing repairs. This quickly protects your home from the elements. Objects outside can also be an issue in high winds. Falling trees and flying debris can cause catastrophic damage to your home. Mulberry Builders is ready to help you get your home back to normal, no matter the extent of the damage. Let our team do what we do best; we can assist you from start to finish, and help you navigate the insurance process.


  • Water Damage – Severe thunderstorms and ice storms have the potential to cause water damage to your home. Heavy rain can highlight a variety of leaks around your home. Common areas include doors or window frames, but you could also experience a leak in your roof. Any of these areas will allow water into your home, and the moisture can cause damage and mold, which needs to be addressed. Ice storms, on the other hand, bring freezing temperatures. This can cause the pipes in your home to freeze and burst, which leads to water leaking.

    Water damage is no joke. You need to act fast to keep the moisture from spreading and damaging any part of your home. Our team at Mulberry Builders understands time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. They’ll swiftly address the documentation process for your insurance carrier, stop the moisture in its tracks, and get your home back to its former glory.

  • Fire Damage – Lightning is all too common in our Kentucky storms. While It can be fun to watch, it poses a serious fire threat to your home. Direct strikes are an obvious danger, but did you know that a current passing through objects can also cause a fire? Fire damage can be catastrophic, and while we sincerely hope you never have to deal with fire damage to your home, we do hope you will consider us to help restore your home following a fire incident. We have you covered through the whole process, from assisting you through the insurance process, obtaining permits, all the way through to the final touches with our design team. We understand how traumatic this can be, so let us alleviate some of the stress.

We are here for you with restoration sevices

At Mulberry Builders, we’re ready to help you with any restoration services you may need. We have years of experience, and our talented team will get you and your home back on track in no time. Whether you want to restore your home back to its original form, or if you want to take this opportunity to redesign a few aspects of your space, we are ready and willing to help you achieve your vision. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!