Home and Business Restoration

Experiencing a traumatic event with your home, such as a fire, water damage, or damage caused by a severe storm, can be tough on you and your family. Your home is your safe place, where you have been making memories with your loved ones. Don’t let the damage to your home rob you of those precious moments.

Mulberry Builders is ready and equipped to assist you with your restoration project. Our exceptional team of craftsmen and women is ready to help you through each step of the process. We’ll help you get your house back on the path to home—and get you back in your safe haven as soon as possible.

Home restoration of interior framing, sub-flooring, staircase, and electrical boxes with wiring.
Room restoration before and after mesh from the same viewpoint.
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We Can Restore:

Kitchen fire damage aftermath, appliances melted, and wall and ceiling framing exposed.
Fire Damage
Has your home recently suffered fire damage? Let us help you through this traumatic time and assist in the restoration of your home. Our team of experts is ready to make this as easy for you as possible. After all, you and your family have been through enough already.
Brown stains and peeling paint on ceiling and trim from water damage.
Water Damage
Have you recently discovered a leak in your home? Or maybe your doors or windows have finally given in to Mother Nature? We’re ready to help locate and fix the issue, and ensure the area is fully dried out before using the best materials available to restore the affected area of your home.
A fallen tree from a storm severely damaged the second-story patio of a green house.
Wind & Storm Damage

We get our fair share of storms here in central Kentucky. Inclement weather can be scary, but the restoration process shouldn’t be! We’re here to help. Whether you’re in need of new siding, or roof repairs following a major storm event, we’re ready and able to assist you with the restoration of your home.

Business Restoration Services

Severe weather and its consequent damage doesn’t just affect your home; it can affect your business, too. Such events can dramatically impact the success of your livelihood due to suspended hours of operation until the damage has been repaired. Time is money, especially for smaller local businesses; we understand that time is of the essence during a commercial restoration project. Whether you need a new roof, or to replace some siding, we are here for you for your building restoration.

Commercial construction in progress of a building with a concrete floor and interior metal stud framing.
Emergency tarping on the residential roof prevents further damage until roof repairs can be completed.

Get the Support You Deserve

When choosing a contractor to complete your restoration, you want to choose a construction expert who can also help you navigate the insurance process. Our team is well versed in this area, and we’re here to help you. Our experience with multiple insurance carriers enables us to guide you through the process for a smooth experience.

Our licensed team of professionals has the knowledge to accurately and quickly assess the damages to your home or business. We then create a plan of action for the restoration services, and create a list of required materials to complete the job to the highest quality standards. We’ll work with your insurance carrier to ensure all damages are repaired correctly and in a timely manner.

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Mulberry Builders offers solutions for both function and design, so whatever project you have in mind, rest assured we will provide the quality craftsmanship and personal service needed to help you love your home.