Metal Roofing: Stylish and Efficient

2023 Builder of the Year awarded to Chris Mulberry, owner of Mulberry Builders.
2023 Builder of the Year award given to Chris Mulberry, owner of Mulberry Builders.

Metal Roofing: Stylish and Efficient

Closeup view of metal roof. Metal roof contractor was Mulberry Builders.

It’s completely normal for your roof to experience wear and tear over the years. Between cold winters, hot summers, and storms in between, our Kentucky roofs certainly do take a bit of a beating. When the time comes to look into a roof replacement, why not take the opportunity to explore all your options? It might be time to make the investment in your home and consider a more energy-efficient solution: metal roofing!

There are many roofing materials on the market these days, each with its own set of advantages. One roofing option in particular has gained a lot of traction with homeowners over the years, and that’s metal. While it’s long been extremely popular for commercial roofing, it’s really taken off in residential roofing in recent years for a number of reasons.

    • The Look – Metal offers a much different look than traditional asphalt shingle options. Generally seen as a more modern, industrial, and sleek style, a metal roof can really change up the look of your home. Plus, there are usually several color options when selecting a metal roof. This really gives you a chance to showcase your unique style on your home’s exterior.


    • Longevity – Metal roofing has a longer lifespan than its traditional asphalt shingle counterpart. On average, metal roofs last between 40-70 years, while asphalt shingle roofs tend to last between 12-20 years. So while the initial installation of a metal roof is a little more costly than a shingle roof, it will last much longer!


    • High Efficiency – Metal roofs are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to make their home more energy-efficient. During the hot Kentucky summers, metal roofing reflects the heat far better than shingles. Shingles typically retain heat and actually make your home’s HVAC systems work harder to keep the house cool.In the winter, with correct insulation, metal roofs are great options. If you choose to go with a metal roof, be sure to work with a reputable roofing contractor who understands what insulation will complement your new roof. This will also give you the most energy-efficient home during the cold months. Metal roofing is also great with snow and ice. The slick material encourages large amounts of wintery weather to slide right off, helping reduce ice and snow accumulation on your roof.


  • It’s Recyclable – In addition to its longer lifespan and its ability to help reduce your energy bills, metal roofs are also fully recyclable! You can rest easy that your roof can be recycled and reused, making metal roofing the ultimate in environmentally friendly roofing.

Are You Ready to Make The Change?

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to those scary energy bills, and take the first step towards a more energy-efficient and modern-looking home, give our team at Mulberry Builders a call! Our expert roofers are ready to help you today.