Get the Right Roofing Contractor for You

Roofing contractor Mulberry Builders completed a gray shingle roof on the house.
Having your roof replaced or repaired is a big undertaking. Your roof protects your family, your home and your possessions from the outdoors. As a homeowner, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to have your roof replaced or repaired at some point. Whether it’s due to regular wear and tear of materials over the years, or a severe weather event, roof repair/replacement time will eventually come. When it does, you want a trustworthy, experienced roofing contractor to work on your home.

Rain or shine, we’ve got your back.

Kentucky gets its fair share of harsh weather. From high winds to hail and the occasional tornado, your roof goes through a lot every year, keeping you and your family dry and warm. Even when we’re not experiencing extreme weather events, our regular climate still puts roofing materials through their paces.

Choose one of Lexington’s finest

With over 15 years of experience in construction and roofing in the Lexington area, you can trust Mulberry Builders with your roofing project. Our skilled roofers can work with a variety of materials, including shingle, and metal. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality materials, because it ensures our experienced craftsmen can do the best work possible for you. Roofing should never be a challenge when you have contractors like Mulberry Builders at hand.

We treat each of our clients’ homes like they are our own. Rest assured, we’re taking excellent care of your family’s home.

Don’t let the colder months stop you

Many homeowners favor the warmer months to have their roofing work completed. Don’t feel like you need to stick to that kind of timing! In fact, there are a few advantages to completing this work during the cooler months.

Many roofing contractors will be very busy during the warmer months. This can make scheduling your project difficult. Plus, the high demand for materials can drive up costs. Now is a great time to tackle this project—and get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s get started

If you’re ready to take the next step in your roofing project, look no further than Mulberry Builders as your roofing contractor! We’re prepared to take on any roofing job you may have, from routine maintenance to emergency repair. We even have emergency tarping services available for those who require a temporary weather-proofing solution. For more information on all the roofing services we provide, take a look at our roofing pages.