Roof Replacement

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Owning your home is a big life step that many of us strive for. And of course, everyone wants their home to look its best—which means all kinds of maintenance, including replacing your roof when needed. Chances are, you’ll need a roof replacement at least once—so make sure you do it right, with a company you can trust.
Aerial view of shingles after a roof replacement by Mulberry Builders.

Choose the best roof for your home

When it’s time to think about a new roof, you’ll want to consider the different types of roofing. A traditional asphalt shingle roof will need to be replaced every 15-30 years (on average). If you want something even longer-lasting, consider a slate, metal, or tin roof. Steel and aluminum roofs should last up to 50 years before they need to be replaced. Slate roofing can also last more than 50 years.

Need some inspiration to help decide the look you want to achieve? Check out our gallery, and see some of the work we’ve done for our customers.

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A quick list of features

When it’s time for a roof replacement, you may want to change things up. Have you been enviously looking at other homes with metal roofs, longing to hear that magical pitter patter when the rain rolls in? Or maybe you’ve always loved the look of a slate roof? Do you currently have a metal roof but prefer a more traditional look? No matter what style you’re going for, we can help you!

Take a look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide between metal, shingle, and slate.

Closeup view of metal roof. Metal roof contractor was Mulberry Builders.
Metal Roofing

✓ Longer lifespan than traditional shingles
✓ Environmentally efficient
✓ Better for keeping homes cool
𝘅 More expensive upfront (higher cost for installation)
𝘅 Not as soundproof as shingles

Closeup view of new gray shingle house roof with two black metal roof vents.
Shingle Roofing

✓ More affordable installation cost
✓ Better for soundproofing
✓ Practical and easy to repair
𝘅 Retains heat
𝘅 Shorter lifespan compared to metal

Detailed view of gray textured slate roofing tiles
Slate Roofing

✓ Highly durable
✓ Long lifespan
✓ Low maintenance
𝘅 Higher upfront cost
𝘅 Difficult to color match tiles when repairing

The team you can trust

We have over 15 years of experience, and have grown to become one of Central Kentucky’s most trusted contractors. Let our expert team of roofers assist you in your next roof replacement.

Financing Available

We understand that replacement roof costs can be hard on your budget. In addition, insurance deductibles seem to just keep rising. To help make your roof replacement easier, we offer a variety of financing options.

Want to make a change?

Regardless of what kind of roof replacement you choose, our team is ready to help you. More often than not, the new roof cost can be covered to some degree under your home insurance policy. Our team has worked with many insurance carriers to help our clients handle their claim (this can vary from provider and the coverage policy in place). We know dealing with your insurance company can be a bit overwhelming, so let our team help navigate the process with you and ensure that you have a smooth experience. Speak with a team member today!

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