Fire Damage Repair

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As a fireman owned and operated business, we understand the trauma of a house fire. In the unfortunate event you require fire damage repair, Mulberry Builders is ready to help you get back to normal. Whether your home suffered a small fire or a massive blaze that caused damage to your home’s interior or exterior (or both!), Mulberry Builders has the experience to assist you with the fire damage restoration process and get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Here When You Need Us

We are ready to help you work through your fire restoration, in any way you want to deal with it. Want to take this cleaned slate as an opportunity to remodel and reinvent the damaged space? Or would you rather get it back to how it was before the incident? No matter which route you want to take with your space during the restoration, we are ready to assist you and help your home rise from the ashes.

Kitchen fire damage, range hood fell off, wall and cabinets burnt.
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What Can We Tackle?

You may need fire damage repair due to:

  • Kitchen/cooking fire
  • Exterior fire
  • Attic fire
  • Multi-room/whole house fire

We can handle the repairs or reconstruction quickly and professionally. Our team’s expertise covers a variety of areas, and we’re known for our high-quality repairs and construction for both residential and commercial spaces. Our reputation for dedication to service and unmatched quality make us an easy first stop on the road to fire damage repair in your home or business.

We’ve got you covered from start to finish with your fire damage restoration project. Our team will document the damage for your insurance provider, and once that’s done, we’ll start the initial clean-up! You don’t need to worry about obtaining your permits either; we’ll get those sorted out for you. We understand how much goes into this type of project, which is why we’ll work with you and your insurance provider throughout the process, ensuring you and your family get back to normalcy in your home quickly and smoothly.

Kitchen fire damage aftermath, appliances melted, and wall and ceiling framing exposed.
Home restoration of interior framing, sub-flooring, staircase, and electrical boxes with wiring.

Need A Complete Rebuild After A Fire?

Unfortunately, not all homes can be repaired after a house fire. Some homes suffer such extensive damage, the only option is to remove the existing structure and rebuild. We understand how devastating this can be when your family home is involved, and we will work tirelessly to make this process as easy for you as possible. The team at Mulberry Builders has the experience and knowledge to work with you and your insurance carrier to demolish the existing structure and rebuild your home. Whether you want to take this opportunity for a fresh start, or prefer to replicate your home, we are ready to make it happen for you.

We know this can be a difficult time for you and your family. Let Mulberry Builders put our expertise to work for you in your time of need. As one of central Kentucky’s most trusted home builders, we are ready to join you on this journey and help your home be reborn after extensive fire damage.

Get the Support You Deserve

When choosing a contractor to rebuild or repair after a fire, you want to choose a company that’s an expert in both the fire damage repair process and navigating the insurance process. Contact the team at Mulberry Builders to get started on the path back home.

Our licensed team of builders, contractors, and craftsmen have the knowledge to quickly protect your home from further damage, as well as to assess the damages and work with your insurance carrier to ensure all damages are repaired correctly and promptly.

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Mulberry Builders offers solutions for both function and design, so whatever project you have in mind, rest assured we will provide the quality craftsmanship and personal service needed to help you love your home.