Commercial Construction

Let Us Help With Your Commercial Construction

Looking to take the next step with your commercial space? Whether you are looking to extend an already existing space, or build an entirely new one, we are ready to help. Mulberry Builders doesn’t just specialize in residential construction; we can assist with commercial construction too!

Creating Your Perfect Space

Our professional team is ready to help you through every step of the commercial construction process. Our design-build processes ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new space. We want to help you cultivate the perfect atmosphere for your customers; we take all the ideas you have in your mind and put them on paper. We then apply our construction safety knowledge and use the highest quality materials to make your dreams a reality. Your new space won’t just stand the test of time; it’ll help nurture and grow your business.

Commercial Construction Experience THAT You Can Trust

Here at Mulberry Builders, we understand your commercial space is home to your business and, ultimately, your livelihood. That’s why our talented craftsmen and women will ensure that your new property is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

With over 15 years of experience in all aspects of the building process, we’re able to create and construct your new or extended commercial space to the highest safety standards. In addition, our design team will ensure that your new space flows well so that it’s comfortable and easy for your customers and staff to navigate.

At the end of the day, commercial construction is an extension and expression of a business style. Your unique flair is part of what sets you apart, and your business space should reflect that. Commercial builders should work with you to bring your vision to life, creating a professional space you’ll be proud of.

A man using two drywall scraping knifes to finish around a skylight of a new commercial construction building.
Let’s get started

Contact us today to get started. Together, we will explore your options to find a solution that meets your needs and budget.


Mulberry Builders commercial construction TPO roof installation.
Commercial Roofing
Commercial construction in progress of a building with a concrete floor and interior metal stud framing.

Commercial Remodeling

Newly completed modern commercial construction building containing restaurant with drive-thru, retail, and office space.

New Construction

Your Local Connection For Commercial Construction

As a Lexington-based company, we’re dedicated to supporting other central Kentucky businesses. We are a part of your community, and we want to do what we can to help you succeed, and our community thrive.

We’re passionate about building spaces—both residential and commercial construction—that help our customers make their dreams a reality. We would be honored to help you take the leap into your new business venture, or expand your existing business.

The original courthouse at dusk, old architecture of Lexington, Kentucky.
Mulberry Builders commercial construction team meeting discussing projects.

Get the support you deserve with your Commercial Construction Project

When choosing a commercial general contractor to complete your commercial construction, you want to choose a company that’s not just a great builder but one that can help you navigate the complicated insurance process. Meet the team at Mulberry Builders, who are well versed in the subject and have worked extensively with multiple insurance providers. If your new build or extension falls under insurance coverage, our team can help you navigate the process and ensure a smooth interaction with your insurance provider. If you want further information about how we can help with your insurance process, contact us anytime!

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Mulberry Builders offers solutions for both function and design, so whatever project you have in mind, rest assured we will provide the quality craftsmanship and personal service needed to help you love your home.