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Metal Roofing

Love the Sound of Rain on a Tin Roof?

There’s nothing better than the sound of rain falling on a tin roof. And at Mulberry Builders, we couldn’t agree more!

Our talented team of roofing experts can not only complete shingle roofing replacements and repairs, but they are also able to work with metal roofing materials. Are you looking to make the switch from a shingle roof to a tin roof? We can help!

Why Install a Tin Roof?

Metal roofing has become quite popular in recent years for residential property. Previously it seemed to be reserved for commercial buildings—but why let them have all the fun?

Of course, the sound of rain on a tin roof can be a great reason to install metal roofing on your home. But metal roofing has other benefits as well:

  • It lasts longer than traditional asphalt shingles
  • It holds up very well in most weather conditions
  • It does a great job keeping your home cool
  • It’s more environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles
Metal sheet for industrial building and construction.

Let’s get started

Contact us today to get started. Together, we will explore your options to find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Metal roofing for industrial building and construction.

We help make a tin roof affordable

We understand the upfront cost of a metal roof is a bit higher than that of a traditional asphalt shingle roof. However, the product itself does last longer than its traditional counterpart, which means you won’t be looking at repairs or replacement for a much longer period of time in comparison. If finances are a bit of a concern, be sure to check out our financing options.

Black metal roofing under blue sky on a sunny day.

We can help with insurance

Residential roofing repairs and replacements can fall under your insurance policy, which can help lower the cost to you. Our team at Mulberry Builders is experienced in this area. We work with several insurance carriers to help you through the process. When you work with Mulberry Builders, you could be enjoying a new tin roof sooner than you imagined!

Aerial view of gray shingle roofing on the house.

What if metal just isn’t for you?

We understand that there are some traditionalists out there who still prefer an asphalt shingle roof for their home. It’s a little more cost-effective up front, and has a more traditional look than metal. If an asphalt roof is more your style, we can still help you with your roof repair or replacement. Mulberry Builders offers a wide variety of roofing material options; check them out today!

Work With a Team You Can Trust

Regardless of whether you choose a metal or shingle roof, you should partner with a company that not only has ample experience in the field, but is a dedicated part of your community. We have been serving Central Kentucky for over 15 years, and have become one of the area’s most trusted construction companies; we hope we can be yours too!

Closeup view of metal roof. Metal roof contractor was Mulberry Builders.

Curious? Contact us for an estimate!

Mulberry Builders offers solutions for both function and design, so whatever project you have in mind, rest assured we will provide the quality craftsmanship and personal service needed to help you love your home.