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Water Damage Restoration

Frozen pipes, damaged plumbing lines, or clogged drains can all cause major water damage and flooding to your home. Unfortunately the leak is only the start of the problem. If water is not removed quickly and completely, the damage can become extensive. Wood can begin to rot, and drywall and flooring can begin to mold. If you experience a water leak emergency, call the professionals at Mulberry Builders. We can quickly stop the leak and begin the drying process to keep the damage from spreading.

Stopping the cause of the leak is just the beginning of the work Mulberry Builders’ team can perform. We can remove any wet or damaged building materials and quickly dry out the space. Once the leak is stopped, affected materials are removed, and all the water and moisture is eliminated, our team can work with your insurance carrier to develop a plan to make the necessary repairs.

Our licensed team of builders, contractors, and craftsmen have the knowledge to not only quickly protect your home from further damage, but also to assess the damages and work with your insurance carrier to ensure all damages are repaired correctly and quickly.

Mulberry Builders can repair water damage due to:

  • Frozen water lines
  • Clogged or broken drains
  • Flooded basements
  • Sump pump failure
  • Roof Leaks
  • Window and door leaks

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