Mulberry Builders: Kentucky’s Commercial Builders

Newly completed modern commercial construction building containing restaurant with drive-thru, retail, and office space.
As a business owner, finding the perfect commercial space can be a challenge. You have a specific vision and layout in mind for your business, but existing spaces don’t always meet your needs. That’s where Mulberry Builders come in. We have over 15 years of experience as residential and commercial builders. We are ready to help you build the perfect space for your business to thrive!


When you build your own commercial space, you have full control over the layout and design. This means you can create a space that is completely tailored to your business’s needs. Whether it’s specific storage requirements, unique display areas, or particular amenities, you can design your space exactly the way you need it. This customization helps to create a space that works efficiently for your business and helps attract customers.


Another benefit of building your own commercial space is flexibility. You can design the space to be as small or as large as you need, and possibly add more space in the future as your business grows. You also have the flexibility to choose materials and finishes that fit your brand and budget.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

At Mulberry Builders, we are fully licensed, insured and bonded. This makes us an experienced and safe choice when it comes to finding commercial builders in Lexington, KY. It means that we’re not just experts in our field; we’re also legally certified and credible to handle all your commercial building needs.

Top Quality Materials

At Mulberry Builders, we are adamant about using only the best quality materials—to ensure our work is flawless. With a variety of materials available, we can help you achieve the ideal commercial space to best represent your business.

Brand Recognition

Building your own commercial space creates a unique opportunity to showcase your brand. You can design the exterior and interior to represent your brand’s personality, vision, and values. This creates a welcoming and memorable experience for customers and helps solidify your brand’s identity.

Let Mulberry Help You Achieve Your Dream Space

If you’re a business owner seeking to create a functional, efficient, and customized environment for your business, work with the most trusted commercial builders in central Kentucky. Give Mulberry Builders a call, we have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in commercial building construction and can work with you to bring your dream commercial space to life. From start to finish, Mulberry Builders creates the space you desire—with full attention to detail—while offering affordability, solution-driven construction, and 100% client satisfaction. Give us a call today!