New Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Dream About

Outdoor patio kitchen idea designed by Mulberry Builders.

There’s something so glamorous and appealing about a fully functional outdoor kitchen. Here are some outdoor kitchen ideas to dream about. If you love to host dinner parties and enjoy cooking, a new outdoor kitchen may be just what you need for the warmer months!

Bring your passion for cooking and entertaining together in a functional and stylish outdoor space during the nice weather. No more running back and forth from the kitchen to the grill, making you—and your AC—work twice as hard! A complete, functional outdoor kitchen can enhance your outdoor space and entertainment area.

When gathering outdoor kitchen ideas, consider things like ample prep space, a functional sink, and even refrigerators! You can have a well-thought-out, flowing outdoor kitchen with a built-in space for your charcoal or gas grill—or even a brick pizza oven.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Prep-Space

Nothing is worse than balancing all the food preparation in a small space. Leave the cluttered chaos for someone else. When you’re brainstorming your outdoor kitchen ideas, ensure you prioritize plenty of prep space. Natural stone, tile, and concrete make excellent, durable countertops.


Have a place to keep your prepped ingredients cool, store leftovers, and stash your favorite drinks. Allotting space under your counter for appliances such as a mini fridge or freezer is an excellent way to ensure a premiere cooking experience when using your outdoor kitchen. The convenience of having your fresh ingredients right there when you need them is second to none! You can even have a designated wine or drinks fridge to elevate your cocktail hour.


Having a sink built into your counter space is a must-have when planning your outdoor kitchen with your designer. Having a place to wash your produce during meal prep is convenient; the sink is also great for keeping your hands and utensils clean. Whether you want a large double sink or a single basin, it’s easy to find a sink that will match the look you’re going for.


What use is an outdoor kitchen if you can’t cook? When designing your space, you can have a grill integrated into the kitchen to create a seamless, flowing layout. This will make cooking for your friends and family effortless. No need to worry about propane tanks being out in the open when they can be conveniently and stylishly stored under the grill to give a clean and sleek finish. Pizza lovers can go that extra mile and have a brick oven built to make their own authentic pizza!

You Can Have It All with thoughtful outdoor kitchen ideas!

Now that your mind is full of amazing outdoor kitchen ideas, it’s time to put pen to paper, and find yourself a design team and contractor that can help you achieve your dream outdoor space! Our design team at Mulberry Builders creates beautiful, flowing kitchens that would make any chef overjoyed to use. Put our design expertise to work to create an outdoor entertaining space that’s the talk of the town.